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How to Apply for the Licenses


The Traditional Way

Complete the BB-1 form and mail it in with the application fee (approximately $20). If you're getting the licenses for a transient rental, make sure an apply for both the GET and TAT licenses.  For long term rentals, a GET license is all you need.   Download form BB-1 here:  



The High Tech Way

Apply for the licenses online!  Visit the Hawaii Business Express website.  



Here are detailed instructions for applying for a GE/TA license.  Please use this info as a guide, read each question on the form and select the answer appropriate for your situation.

1. Business Category - Profit.

Location - wherever you currently reside.

2. Business Type - Sole Proprietorship is usually the best answer.

3. Business Name - Your own name is often the best.

4. Nature of Business - Condo Hotel

5. Number of Establishments - 1

6. Principal Office Address - Your home address.

7. Hawaii Address – THE UNIT ADDRESS

8. Date Business Began or Will Begin in Hawaii - The date your unit first enters live marketing (and owned by you).

9. Business Contact Information - will be your business phone, fax and e-mail.

10. Business Owner - You.

11. Have Employees? - No.

12. Transient Accommodations Business Activity? - Yes.

If Yes, Number of Units? - Number of units you own.

13. Disability Exemption? If you qualify for this exemption for Federal Taxes you may.

Trade Name Registration Assigned? No.

Request Trade Name? No, unless you want a trade name and are willing to pay $50 for it.

Accounting Period - Calendar.

Accounting Method - Cash.

Filing Period - Monthly.

After completing the online form, you will be prompted to pay a fee of about $27.50.  Within a few days, the State should be e-mailing you with your GET/TAT number.

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