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Aloha and E' Komo Mai to our Property Management FAQs page.  Here we hope to answer some of your questions and look forward to answering some of your own.  We feel we have the best staff, tools and service in this industry to make the most of your property investment.   We welcome you to reach out to us anytime, whether it is via phone, email or through our website.  Mahalo nui loa for visiting us!

  • When do I recieve money earned on my property?
    Most property managers do not pay until the next month on the 5th, 8th, 10th, 12th and as late as the 25th. It seems like you will get your money whenever the property manager decides they have time to get something done. Not us! We pay out on the last day of the month that for reservations started during the month. For example, if we are currently in January, all of the money you earn for this month will initiate electronic payments out to you on the last day of the month (the 31st). It usally takes three (3) business days to appear in your personal checking or savings account. Owner statements will usually be sent out the same day, occationally we may send the statement on the day after disbursements are initiated. We are able to disburse monies by mail or electronically at no additional charge.
  • Do you require a deposited amount for expenses before you will manage my property?
    Others much as $500-1000. Not us. We dont think we need to take your money and hold it hostage for the life of your listing with us.
  • How many properties does Hawaii Americana Realty manage?
    We manange over 300 vacation rental units in Waikiki and the Gold Coast. Units we manage are located at Ilikai, Ilikai Marina, Aloha Surf, Bamboo, Kuhio Village, Waikiki Grand, Diamond Head Beach Hotel, Pacific Monarch and more.
  • How long have you been in business?
    Hawaii Americana Realty was incorporated in January of 2010. President and Broker, Mark G. Howard has over 18 years experience as a licensed real estate broker. Agent Richard Kelly has 11 years experience in property management.
  • Where do you advertise listings?  Do you just use one or two marketing services?
    Unlike most rental agents, we list each of our units on several booking sites. That gives you maximum exposure and earns you more income. Some of the popular sites we list on include: Airbnb, Homeaway, Vrbo, Tripadvisor, Flipkey, Expedia and more. We also market listings through several proprietary in-house websites which also do a great job at capturing repeat guest business. We consistantly improve search engine optimization of our in-house websites to stay current and in leading positions in web search results.
  • If there is a problem with my unit or the guest, how soon can your company respond?"
    We live and work in Waikiki so we are always nearby to assure maintenance of the property and happy guests. And because we live and work here, we know the neighborhood best!
  • What are your business hours?
    We often have someone working at any time of the day, seven days a week. We attend to guests 24 hours a day. We are available for guest check-ins 24 hours a day.
  • How do you work to get repeat business?
    Guests are provided incentives such as discounts on future bookings. We also have direct marketing to previous guests.
  • As a property manager, what exactly do you do?"
    We do it all! Advertising on multiple rental websites(VRBO, Homeaway, AirBnb, etc...) Responding to rental inquiries promptly Processing reservations and payments from guests Updating availability calendars Setting up and determining nightly rates with use of dynamic pricing for each season Collecting the proper amount of rental taxes (GE, TA AND OTAT) for the state of Hawaii Filing rental taxes with the state of Hawaii Handling guest requests and complaints Hiring service providers (housekeepers, handymen, electricians, plumbers, etc.) Scheduling housekeeping between guests Managing maintenance and emergency issues such as flooding, lockouts, etc. and more.....
  • Is there a limitation (hours or days of the week)  as to when a guest can make a reservation?
    Our guests are able to book and pay for their reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Is there a way for an owner to check in on the availability calendar for our unit?
    YES! We utilize several property management systems which are all linked together. You will have access to an "owner's portal" which will allow you to check availability, block availability for owner use of unit and store important documents such as statements.
  • Do I need to schedule cleanings for my unit or will property manager take care of that?
    We handle all housekeeping scheduling and coordination. Guests pay a separate fee for cleaning at the end of their reservation which is passed on to the housekeeper. We utilize both in-house and independant contractors to provide housekeeping services. And because each guest receives either an in-room or on-line survey at check-in, we are able to respond to any routine issue which may arise. We take pride in the rooms we present to our guests so there is no room for cutting corners.
  • How do guests rate your services?
    All of the major booking platforms have a review and rating system in place. We consistantly receive 5 out of 5 stars from 75% of our guests!
  • Where is your office located?
    Hawai'i Americana Realty is conveniently located at the Waikiki Grand Hotel, 134 Kapahulu Avenue in Waikiki. Our office entrance is in the lobby to the right of the hotel reception desk.
  • What are your fees and other fees I can expect to pay?
    COMMISSION - Our fee is 18% of the gross amounts that we take in for you. There are no other fees that we charge to the owner client for our compensation. HOUSEKEEPING - We manage the cleaning of your unit between guests. This includes a separate fee paid for by the guest at booking so there is no cost to the owner client to cover housekeeping charges. The only exception would be at turnover of the unit for us to manage. We will usally charge the owner client a one time set up fee ranging between $30-150 depending on supplies needed to stock in the unit and the condition of the unit at that time. REPAIRS - Costs are the responsibility of the owner. We will initiate and pay on your behalf and bill you later for any repairs required. Most repairs are required as a result of guest mis-use. This may be mitigated by a claim against the guest processed on most sites which we process on your behalf. We are very successful in recovering funds from the booking sites. From time to time, when we are not, the owner client will be billed. As of July 1, 2019, for the first half of the year we have billed owner clients a total of $423 but, we have recovered over $4,700. Funds recovered are not commensionable and paid directly to the owner client. MAINTENANCE/LEASE/AOAO/HOA FEES - Owner clients are responsible for these fees. You may authorize us to pay these fees on your behalf at no additional expense to you for the service. UTILITIES - Owner clients are responsible for these fees. You may authorize us to pay cable/internet fees on your behalf at no additional expense to you for the service. GET/TAT/PROPERTY TAXES - Owner clients are responsible for these fees. You may authorize us to pay these taxes (GE/TA/OTAT) on your behalf at no additional expense to you for the service. We are not able to make property tax payments.
  • Once I sign with you, how soon will you have me listing and live on the booking sites?"
    Great question! We will can you going live within 24 hours (we have been as fast as 3 hours) with the remainder of the 100 listings going live throughout the following week. There is usually a slow period of attracting guests to book during the first couple of months. We have seen some units book up within a week for the next month. Its not uncommon but new owner clients need to be aware that it may take more time to get bookings rolling in depending on the season. Some of the reasons are reviews (guests dont usually like to book units with no reviews), placement of listings on booking sites (new listings will usually go to the bottome of search results), pricing (if too high at the beginning, guests may search other options). We will usually start a listing with discounts or lower rates than we would normally advertise for. This is a way of enticing guests to book. And usually once the first great review comes through we will start seeing bookings increasing. In all, its a science to get good results. Every action is interconnected. We employ a range of tools including dynamic pricing (prices change several times a day based on demand) on some sites which is one of our tools.

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